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Environmental and Consulting Services

* Site Assessments, Investigations and Studies - includes monitoring program development and strategies for data quality objectives, system design, and construction oversight/field logging
* Data Collection/Sampling and Analysis Plans - including geophysical services, waste, soil, surface water, and groundwater sampling
* Data Interpretation - including environmental statistics, geochemistry, modeling, field and laboratory data
* Risk Assessments - environmental/ecological assessments
* SAPs, Work Plans, QA/QC Project Plans, Groundwater Certifications
* Site Assessments - including Phase I - environmental assessments (ASTM E 1527), Phase II - field verification, Phase III - detailed investigation/remediation
* Risk Evaluations/Studies - including site specific risk assessments such as CERCLA RI/FS, RCRA RFI/CMS, property transfers site specific risk assessments, and due diligence evaluations
* Community Relations - including risk communications and technology support for public hearings, facilitation
* Litigation Support - including expert testimony, and strategic case planning
* Wastewater/Stormwater Characterization
* Permits - LPDES, Wastes, Wetlands

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